VR-porn as a Method of Dealing with Betrayal

Some people do not understand why betrayals happen. Although a medal has always two sides, adultery is unacceptable in relationships and emotionally hurts the second partner.

Who Is a Cheating Partner?

  • There are those who cheat only once, feel terrible after that and never repeat this mistake.
  • Others will continue to have affairs until they come across somebody special and then divorce.
  • For the third, adultery is a way of life.

If you find yourself in such a situation, you first need to understand why it has happened so. Then you need to understand whether you trust the partner enough to believe his/her words of “regret.” Most likely, you will not be able to convince yourself that their romance was a one-time mistake. They are adult people after all.

What to Do?

  • Make sure that you can live, knowing that your partner has betrayed you. No one expects you to forget what happened, but you just want to forgive. Otherwise, your relationship will turn into a vicious circle of mistrust, revenge, and unspoken hatred. If you say you forget, you really should do this. However, before your final decision, make sure that your partner understands how he hurt you. You may suggest watching bbw vr porn for new erotic experience and feelings. Why not?
  • Start working on restoring relationships. Ban a person with whom a partner had an affair completely from your life. There can be no talk of any friendship, of any rare joint meetings or of any kind of contact. Think carefully about your sexual life. Try to find in VR porn the source of inspiration for you. What are your feelings? Maybe your new experience will refresh your intercourse?
  • Watch adult videos with this very theme. F. e. try yourself in the role of a wife who lets herself be fucked right behind his back, or even better – in front of him! It is indisputable that the shameless betrayal of a wife to a beloved husband brings any woman to a special orgasm because at this moment she perfectly understands that she is treacherously acting with her spouse. There are a lot of such films with different plots and you will find for yourself in some way that will excite you in a special way and help in family relations.

No doubt! It’s better to go through everything in virtual reality thana  in daily routine where there is no place for unpleasant surprises.


Countries in Which Watching Porn is Prohibited

What do you think about the right to produce or enjoy videos with adult scenes? Let’s observe some interesting info. Do you know anything about the first law that restricts pornography? In fact, it was adopted in England as far as in 1857. The law on the publication of obscenity – that was the name. Merely in 10 years, the US adopted the so-called “Mail Act”. It was targeted at prohibiting the mailing of pornographic materials.

Do you know what does the “Porni” mean in ancient Greek? The answer is “prostitute”. The roots of pornography in modern understanding can be found in the 18th century. In that time a classic definition appeared. Pornography means everything targeted at causing sexual arousal. Texts, images, video – that is what we have now.

What countries are less tolerant of this issue?


This country bans all websites with “strawberry: content. Also, the law envisages punishment for the production, transportation, and sale of materials with porn. Even if you use your smartphone to watch porn, then you violate the law. More than twenty thousands of people have been arrested for this “sin” in the past several years.

North Korea

In 2013 not less than 10 people were publicly executed in this state for the production and selling porn materials. Even watching adult movies may lead to a death penalty. It’s quite a surprise that most of the country’s residents do not have access to the world wide web as well as to travel overseas and even talk to tourists. These are refugees who disclose these disturbing facts. No less, no more, this is a real barbaric legal base.


Local MPs were very devoted in their fight with illegal production of materials of sexual nature, as well as their distribution and advertising of etc. Although filling and selling adult videos is 100% prohibited, a lot of Russian girls are engaged in the process of shooting and sex live webcam inside these really huge state.

Other Countries

There are states where everything connected with adult content is a complete taboo. In this list are Sri Lanka and Iran. Brazil authorities allow porn, but all men must use thin latex condoms. To sell “sex” materials to people under 18 is completely banned. In such countries as New Zealand, Australia or Spain there are no legal restrictions, but teens are in no case should have access to pornography materials in Internet shops.

But do you know what the funniest thing is? That despite severe anti-porn laws their residents easily watch and enjoy adult video slots. Just change VPN and you won’t have any problems at all.

e. there are 7 countries where porn related request in Google occupies a fair share:

  • Poland;
  • Egypt;
  • Vietnam;
  • Saudi Arabia;
  • Iran;
  • Morocco;
  • India.

These are country with strong religious roots that’s why state authority keep an eye on watching pornography. But smart people invent different tricks to get access to hot sex online.


Negative Features of Watching Virtual Porn

Here how one blogger describes his experience in virtual porn: “I seem to be somewhere in California. I look at the beautiful high ceiling. On the right, a couple is making love, it can be seen badly, and on the left, the girl is masturbating, and she seems bored.

I have decent press and a huge dick, a girl jumps on it, whom I have already seen somewhere on the Internet. I try new generation porn.

In fact, I don’t have any cubes on my belly; I’m lying on a sofa in my empty apartment. In my eyes, I have the latest version of Google Cardboard, a carton with lenses in which my iPhone is inserted. Moreover, this is a very simplified Oculus Rift, the cheapest virtual reality device. It sits comfortably enough on the face, and I sometimes forget that I am in frozen Norway, and not in sunny California”.

These are tips of his experience:

  • Overview 180 or 360 degrees, binaural sound (that is, the direction of the sound changes depending on the position of the head). There are options for every taste.
  • Do you want to be a man who fucks a woman? No problem. Do you want to be a man who has sex with another man? Easy. Do you want to “be” in the body of a woman who is satisfied with a pumped up man? You are welcome!
  • Feeling that porn in VR will never replace sex.

Love or Leave

As you know, if the adult industry puts on technology, the future is all about this. The sense of presence is powerful, much more impressive than when watching regular hot content. But there are problems due to which this technology will not soon become your main format of consumption of porn and certainly will not be a substitute for sex.

  • First of all, the high-quality helmet and accessories cost quite a lot of money. Low-quality devices will downplay the level of perception.
  • Secondly, like regular porn, for the absolute majority of people, VR-porn will not replace real relations. Gadgets that will allow you to fully immerse yourself in fantasy (suction cups on the genitals, blankets with a touch) will never be truly massive, but for gourmets.

And in general, as far as a reliable simulacrum would be, an interactive picture will never replace a real love-making process, which is not about the pleasure of one person, but about the pleasure of both. There are also strong emotional connections with people who love each other and this is the major benefit of real-life relations which still have remained to be a big challenge to VR love.


How Porn Changes the Brain

Modern neurology recognizes that the brain is subject to influences. It changes depending on our experience and creates ways and connections that correlate and match everything that we see, hear and learn. Everything, from active participation in the philosophical debate to the study of routes in an unfamiliar city, even passive listening to music and watching video: any activity is accompanied by the constant emerging of new connections in our brain, which ultimately make us who we are.

Porn is not exclusion at all. The overwhelming majority of articles on this subject usually affect this phenomenon from the point of view of psychology and/or social sciences. In this article, we will try to observe the influence of pornography in terms of neurology.

Here Are Some Important Points:

  • The basis of the modern theory that explains memory and learning is the principle of synaptic plasticity. That is the ability of the brain to change the power of connections between neurons (brain cells) in response to activation of the corresponding receptors in connection with our experience. This mechanism implies a change in the number and types of activated receptors, as well as the amount of release of neurotransmitters (biologically active substances that ensure the transmission of an electrical impulse from the nerve cell).
  • One of the main agents in the brain is dopamine. It is an important element of the “reward system” and is responsible for:

– physical activity;

– motivation processes;

– feelings of pleasure and guilt;

– training.

  • The dopamine level determines f. e. the attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity in children, weakening of cognitive function as a result of aging, depression. One of the most important roles of this substance is producing senses of pleasure, reward, and desire, as well as providing a learning process.
  • Expert claims that watching porn may result in the release of large amounts of dopamine, which fixes this in the individual’s mind. The need for such sensations leads to seeking for more and more hot scenes. Many studies related to this substance have found that it causes either an expectation of pleasure or an immediate experience of pleasure. Depending on the area of ​​the brain, the release of it can occur either before or at the moment of supreme pleasure.

That’s why people who like sex content should be aware of the fact that for some porn can become like drug addiction and limit their time in front of the screen.  


From a Porn Star to – Actor Career: Life Stories

From “XXX” films to the big movie and 4k vr porn! However, some stars of the porn industry still managed to shine on the Hollywood sky. Welcome these celebrities!

Sasha Grey

It took three years of “hard” work to become a famous porn actress. But it’s not pornography which brought a real glory to Sasha Gray. Renowned director Stephen Soderberg offered her the lead role in his film drama and did an excellent job. After the premiere, Sasha Gray not only became famous all over the world but also became a very high-rated Hollywood actress.

Traci Lords

For the first time, she popped up on the pages of the men’s magazine Penthouse at the age of 16. Tracy was simply doomed to the glory of an erotic model and actress of the hot genre. During her porn career, Lords has appeared in more than a hundred films of the category “X”. But then closed this page of her biography, making one of the most successful careers in big cinema. On the account of this chick beauty, there are many famous films, in one of which she played a brilliant Vanda Woodward, and her partners on the set were Johnny Depp and Iggy Pop.

Ron Jeremy

In the porn industry, this man was not for his beautiful eyes, but for his main “dignity”, the size of which, they say, is 33 cm. The shy guy soon, however, became the most popular porn actor, on whose account more than 1900 films. At one time, Ron even got into the Guinness Book of Records for the largest number of roles in “films for adults.” Mr. Jeremy is also a director and even a member of the American Theater Actors Guild. The actor got into a big movie due to filming in music videos of such rock bands as “Orgy”, “Sublime” and “Kid Rock”. The most successful of his non-porn roles can be called participation in the films “Boondock Saints”, “Studio 54”, “Detroit – the city of rock.”

Jenna Jameson

In the 90s of the last century, porn movies with Mrs. Jameson were very popular not only in the United States, for good reason. The former porno actress still has the unofficial title of “Queen of the Porn Industry”. Currently, Jenna is a very successful businesswoman and broadcaster. Her career in on big screen began with a small role in the comedy “Parts of the Body”. In addition, the actress starred in such famous films as “Loser”, the TV series “Detective Nash Bridges” and others.

Katie Morgan

Bright personality, she favorably distinguished her from the rest of pornographic actresses, which ultimately was a decisive factor for the creators of the popular comedy series “Handsome”, who ventured to invite a porn actress to one of the roles. In 2008, director Kevin Smith shoots Katie in her acclaimed movie “Zack and Miri Porn”, after the success of which the actress ended her career in adult industry and began to “gain momentum” in a big movie. Now, this hot beauty very often being offered comedic roles in films. Suppose they are the second plan, but still, it’s Hollywood!

So talented people don’t miss any opportunity to express their talent and find new opportunities – for obvious viewers’ benefits.