Negative Features of Watching Virtual Porn

Here how one blogger describes his experience in virtual porn: “I seem to be somewhere in California. I look at the beautiful high ceiling. On the right, a couple is making love, it can be seen badly, and on the left, the girl is masturbating, and she seems bored.

I have decent press and a huge dick, a girl jumps on it, whom I have already seen somewhere on the Internet. I try new generation porn.

In fact, I don’t have any cubes on my belly; I’m lying on a sofa in my empty apartment. In my eyes, I have the latest version of Google Cardboard, a carton with lenses in which my iPhone is inserted. Moreover, this is a very simplified Oculus Rift, the cheapest virtual reality device. It sits comfortably enough on the face, and I sometimes forget that I am in frozen Norway, and not in sunny California”.

These are tips of his experience:

  • Overview 180 or 360 degrees, binaural sound (that is, the direction of the sound changes depending on the position of the head). There are options for every taste.
  • Do you want to be a man who fucks a woman? No problem. Do you want to be a man who has sex with another man? Easy. Do you want to “be” in the body of a woman who is satisfied with a pumped up man? You are welcome!
  • Feeling that porn in VR will never replace sex.

Love or Leave

As you know, if the adult industry puts on technology, the future is all about this. The sense of presence is powerful, much more impressive than when watching regular hot content. But there are problems due to which this technology will not soon become your main format of consumption of porn and certainly will not be a substitute for sex.

  • First of all, the high-quality helmet and accessories cost quite a lot of money. Low-quality devices will downplay the level of perception.
  • Secondly, like regular porn, for the absolute majority of people, VR-porn will not replace real relations. Gadgets that will allow you to fully immerse yourself in fantasy (suction cups on the genitals, blankets with a touch) will never be truly massive, but for gourmets.

And in general, as far as a reliable simulacrum would be, an interactive picture will never replace a real love-making process, which is not about the pleasure of one person, but about the pleasure of both. There are also strong emotional connections with people who love each other and this is the major benefit of real-life relations which still have remained to be a big challenge to VR love.


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