How Porn Changes the Brain

Modern neurology recognizes that the brain is subject to influences. It changes depending on our experience and creates ways and connections that correlate and match everything that we see, hear and learn. Everything, from active participation in the philosophical debate to the study of routes in an unfamiliar city, even passive listening to music and watching video: any activity is accompanied by the constant emerging of new connections in our brain, which ultimately make us who we are.

Porn is not exclusion at all. The overwhelming majority of articles on this subject usually affect this phenomenon from the point of view of psychology and/or social sciences. In this article, we will try to observe the influence of pornography in terms of neurology.

Here Are Some Important Points:

  • The basis of the modern theory that explains memory and learning is the principle of synaptic plasticity. That is the ability of the brain to change the power of connections between neurons (brain cells) in response to activation of the corresponding receptors in connection with our experience. This mechanism implies a change in the number and types of activated receptors, as well as the amount of release of neurotransmitters (biologically active substances that ensure the transmission of an electrical impulse from the nerve cell).
  • One of the main agents in the brain is dopamine. It is an important element of the “reward system” and is responsible for:

– physical activity;

– motivation processes;

– feelings of pleasure and guilt;

– training.

  • The dopamine level determines f. e. the attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity in children, weakening of cognitive function as a result of aging, depression. One of the most important roles of this substance is producing senses of pleasure, reward, and desire, as well as providing a learning process.
  • Expert claims that watching porn may result in the release of large amounts of dopamine, which fixes this in the individual’s mind. The need for such sensations leads to seeking for more and more hot scenes. Many studies related to this substance have found that it causes either an expectation of pleasure or an immediate experience of pleasure. Depending on the area of ​​the brain, the release of it can occur either before or at the moment of supreme pleasure.

That’s why people who like sex content should be aware of the fact that for some porn can become like drug addiction and limit their time in front of the screen.