From a Porn Star to – Actor Career: Life Stories

From “XXX” films to the big movie and 4k vr porn! However, some stars of the porn industry still managed to shine on the Hollywood sky. Welcome these celebrities!

Sasha Grey

It took three years of “hard” work to become a famous porn actress. But it’s not pornography which brought a real glory to Sasha Gray. Renowned director Stephen Soderberg offered her the lead role in his film drama and did an excellent job. After the premiere, Sasha Gray not only became famous all over the world but also became a very high-rated Hollywood actress.

Traci Lords

For the first time, she popped up on the pages of the men’s magazine Penthouse at the age of 16. Tracy was simply doomed to the glory of an erotic model and actress of the hot genre. During her porn career, Lords has appeared in more than a hundred films of the category “X”. But then closed this page of her biography, making one of the most successful careers in big cinema. On the account of this chick beauty, there are many famous films, in one of which she played a brilliant Vanda Woodward, and her partners on the set were Johnny Depp and Iggy Pop.

Ron Jeremy

In the porn industry, this man was not for his beautiful eyes, but for his main “dignity”, the size of which, they say, is 33 cm. The shy guy soon, however, became the most popular porn actor, on whose account more than 1900 films. At one time, Ron even got into the Guinness Book of Records for the largest number of roles in “films for adults.” Mr. Jeremy is also a director and even a member of the American Theater Actors Guild. The actor got into a big movie due to filming in music videos of such rock bands as “Orgy”, “Sublime” and “Kid Rock”. The most successful of his non-porn roles can be called participation in the films “Boondock Saints”, “Studio 54”, “Detroit – the city of rock.”

Jenna Jameson

In the 90s of the last century, porn movies with Mrs. Jameson were very popular not only in the United States, for good reason. The former porno actress still has the unofficial title of “Queen of the Porn Industry”. Currently, Jenna is a very successful businesswoman and broadcaster. Her career in on big screen began with a small role in the comedy “Parts of the Body”. In addition, the actress starred in such famous films as “Loser”, the TV series “Detective Nash Bridges” and others.

Katie Morgan

Bright personality, she favorably distinguished her from the rest of pornographic actresses, which ultimately was a decisive factor for the creators of the popular comedy series “Handsome”, who ventured to invite a porn actress to one of the roles. In 2008, director Kevin Smith shoots Katie in her acclaimed movie “Zack and Miri Porn”, after the success of which the actress ended her career in adult industry and began to “gain momentum” in a big movie. Now, this hot beauty very often being offered comedic roles in films. Suppose they are the second plan, but still, it’s Hollywood!

So talented people don’t miss any opportunity to express their talent and find new opportunities – for obvious viewers’ benefits.