Countries in Which Watching Porn is Prohibited

What do you think about the right to produce or enjoy videos with adult scenes? Let’s observe some interesting info. Do you know anything about the first law that restricts pornography? In fact, it was adopted in England as far as in 1857. The law on the publication of obscenity – that was the name. Merely in 10 years, the US adopted the so-called “Mail Act”. It was targeted at prohibiting the mailing of pornographic materials.

Do you know what does the “Porni” mean in ancient Greek? The answer is “prostitute”. The roots of pornography in modern understanding can be found in the 18th century. In that time a classic definition appeared. Pornography means everything targeted at causing sexual arousal. Texts, images, video – that is what we have now.

What countries are less tolerant of this issue?


This country bans all websites with “strawberry: content. Also, the law envisages punishment for the production, transportation, and sale of materials with porn. Even if you use your smartphone to watch porn, then you violate the law. More than twenty thousands of people have been arrested for this “sin” in the past several years.

North Korea

In 2013 not less than 10 people were publicly executed in this state for the production and selling porn materials. Even watching adult movies may lead to a death penalty. It’s quite a surprise that most of the country’s residents do not have access to the world wide web as well as to travel overseas and even talk to tourists. These are refugees who disclose these disturbing facts. No less, no more, this is a real barbaric legal base.


Local MPs were very devoted in their fight with illegal production of materials of sexual nature, as well as their distribution and advertising of etc. Although filling and selling adult videos is 100% prohibited, a lot of Russian girls are engaged in the process of shooting and sex live webcam inside these really huge state.

Other Countries

There are states where everything connected with adult content is a complete taboo. In this list are Sri Lanka and Iran. Brazil authorities allow porn, but all men must use thin latex condoms. To sell “sex” materials to people under 18 is completely banned. In such countries as New Zealand, Australia or Spain there are no legal restrictions, but teens are in no case should have access to pornography materials in Internet shops.

But do you know what the funniest thing is? That despite severe anti-porn laws their residents easily watch and enjoy adult video slots. Just change VPN and you won’t have any problems at all.

e. there are 7 countries where porn related request in Google occupies a fair share:

  • Poland;
  • Egypt;
  • Vietnam;
  • Saudi Arabia;
  • Iran;
  • Morocco;
  • India.

These are country with strong religious roots that’s why state authority keep an eye on watching pornography. But smart people invent different tricks to get access to hot sex online.