Home schooling has become an option that many have adopted over the past years with the number of participating families steadily increasing. However, home schooling has been right from the start a highly controversial topic and practice due to its many advantages and disadvantages.

Home Schooling Resource

If you are thinking of taking up home schooling for your child (children) but have never done it before you may want to check all the options and resources before you proceed. Here are a few options one can work with:

  • Internet home schooling resource – here one can find both free/paid home schooling; the main difference between the two is that one offers qualified teachers and the other mostly volunteers who may or may not have academic qualifications but definitely have experience in the domain.
  • Home schooling resource provided through books; there are many courses available, which provide step by step how one should conduct home schooling.
  • Other parents in similar situations can be yet another great home schooling resource; they can guide one through their experience and knowledge.

The Benefits of Home Schooling

  • Being able to keep the child parent bond while your child is studying is one of the most benefiting points of home schooling.
  • Direct supervision of what your child is studying.
  • Safety as the child does not have to deal with getting to school or any in school safety issues.
  • Teaching but at the same time gaining knowledge as well.
  • No early mornings for you or your child.

The Disadvantages of Home Schooling

  • Child missing out on any kind of social life or interaction with kids his/her age which are going through the same studies.
  • Parent being too strict or too lenient with the child, which may create a gap between child and parent, not a bond as initially desired.
  • Parent not being able to cope with the level of lessons and therefore not providing quality teaching to the child.

A parent should check any and every home schooling resource available before taking on the task of doing home schooling even if it is not the first time they have practiced home schooling. Every child is different and every year some modifications occur in the educational system, which should be taken into consideration by the parent and child.

Home schooling is a hard task, which will bring many rewards in due course if both the parent and child do their homework.